My Top 20% and 30% photos

Since I didn't talk a little bit about my photos that made to the top 20% and 30% worldwide contest, decided to make another blog. I live in the outskirts of a small town on the rim of the mountain base, where apples and hops are grown. This town is known for their hops though!... Continue Reading →


Adventure #5-World Wide Contest

Considered this as you've been warned; this is going to be a long Blog… I discovered there's a worldwide photography contest a few years back and its free! First time I only submitted three photos because I wasn't confident in myself at the time. I missed last year's contest but I didn't this year! I... Continue Reading →


For a few years now, I've been debating what kind of lights I should get for photography. I've been told get flash… Honestly, I'm not a person who follows everyone else in photography with MUST have. I go with what I want and be creative. I decided to go with continuous light instead of flash.... Continue Reading →

ASL Vlogs

Why did I decided to do ASL Vlogs? MANY reasons... To get get out there is one of them. I've also noticed there's not a lot of ASL vlogs focused in photography. At least I couldn't find any. First off what does ASL mean? It's American Sign Language (ASL). It a language that many deaf people... Continue Reading →

The Lonely Tree

I found my old blogging stuff through Google and I'm transferring everything here, so I can get rid of the old one. This is my first photography blog back in early 2010s.  Here it is! The Lonely Tree The tree is not alone at the moment when it nice and warm outside. There’s a bundle... Continue Reading →

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