Adventure (3)- Blood Moon night 7/27/18

I'm way behind! But this was from July 27th. I noticed outside looked like I was already wearing sun glasses. Later I found out it was Blood Moon night. Here some shoots from that night. There was amazing sunset as well!


June- PTSD awareness month

First I want to take this moment to say thank you to the person to allow me to take pictures of him.  I know this has taken a lot of him to open up to a complete stranger/new friend about his experience.  This is very courageous of him!  I can't say how much that means... Continue Reading →

Adventure (1)

Getting Out There If I had not overcome my anxiety of going out alone and driving around to do the things I love. I would not have had the experience I had! I was bored one evening and wanted to get out of the house for a little bit. So I grabbed my camera and... Continue Reading →

New Toy for My Camera

I got this canon rebel EOS T5 and have two starter lens that came with it.  For the first few years that was perfect for me!  I wanted more, so been doing some research and discovered there's an adapter for the old lens to use on the modern camera body. At first, I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Tips for Photo Day

"Yes, there are guidelines for photo sessions. A bunch of photographers does this so we can get the best shots as we can! We don't want to seem like we are coming across insulting or rude so we want to give out this prep guideline so you have an idea what to be prepared for.... Continue Reading →

First Time Doing Portraits

This will be short, I thought I should share this little experience I had about portraits. My first time doing portraits… Boy, all these years I've been doing photography I never once thought of doing portraits.  My first time doing it was last year.   What an amazing experience, I honestly wish I have done it... Continue Reading →

Need Motivation?

Need Motivation? I know I need some kind of push! Sometimes it feels like you're stuck in a creative rut and it's hard to know how to get out of it. You can start to question your ability or what you're doing, I know I do it sometime! You start to wonder whether you're good... Continue Reading →

~My Camera Life~

Why I became a photographer...   I thought this would be something important to share with you all about me. Why did I become a photographer? I have never been asked this question before. I came across some photography blog tips and this is one of the subjects and I asked myself, 'Why did I... Continue Reading →

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